Export Managers and Wholesale Trading Sales


KEG is the global marketing and sales arm of Knight Entertainment Group merchandising. With prior experience that stems from years spent as a director with Maureen Reagan's Sell Overseas America and the Journal of American Export, operating as a private sector counterpart to the United States Department of Commerce. Filling in where government enterprise leaves off, is underfunded or understaffed, or can not execute beyond the government service "hands off" protocols, we market and solicit the sales of goods from domestic and overseas buyers or dealership decision makers and write the orders. 


We have signed export and import management agreements with some firms who place their innovations in our hands; for others, we have export sales representation agreements, where many smaller, mid and even larger manufacturing firms do not handle or wish to salary their own in house or on staff export sales enterprises. Still in others, we can bring our years of brands licensing to the benefit of manufacturers who may wish to engage sales with the benefits of another intellectual property's market penetration, or seek to increase international sales of products for those firms with established brands an IP by license agreements.


In the case of consumer categories goods or end customer consumption items, we establish sales to dealerships in the USA domestic market, as well as in global overseas markets, where each dealer in each assigned territory must take a minimum order sale on opening order, provide financial background and current operating model, whether wholesale reseller or retailer direct.


In such case, KEG solicits in conjunction with leads generation as procured from our attendance at vertical industry trade show markets, listings with the US Dept of Commerce and other international buyer publications.  In any case, here you will find the very latest in innovative new products or platform offerings.  Check out our New Product Innovations catalog online, read by over 27,000 key decision makers at global trading companies, specialty retailers, dealers or special venue supply merchanding worldwide.


Manufacturers of unique new goods may list with us for a cost effective fee for placement in our select seasonal quarterly publications. Others will assign us sales and management as well to market, sell and close orders, which includes product promotion, vertical target market trade show exhibition and showcase participation, our negotation and sales order taking, at a one time fee that is a greatly reduced cost as single fee compared ,to a firm's annual costs of staffing, trade show costs, email and corresponce, legal and the overall annual P & L for specialized sales, if such line item costs were carried in house by the client.   


In some instances, we take the goods on "consignment basis" with a temporary assigned Title, from the US or international manufacturer, secure the finance for the sale, in one of two manners:


1) by Banker's Irrevocable Letter of Credit, which ensures funds in the US receiving bank upon proof of Bill of Laden Shipment of goods, for secondary immediate disbursement to the supplying manufacturer  


2) For USA made and originated goods, by Federally Insured Ex-Im bank finance where the sale of goods is 95% value protected by the US government insurance policy to facilitate export sales, which also affords the buyer an option for "revolving credit" or extended flexible payment terms for the international buyer, while the shipment and sale of goods is again 95% value guaranteed, factoring the receivable


in either case, allowing us and client to receive funds upon shipment of the goods, where we deduct our margin percentage for sales and service, and remit the balance back to the manufacturer for their agreed supply price.


Wines and beers feature smaller margins; electronics and Pro Audio a higher values, High Tech Attractions are handled at a typical brokerage value.  Retail Concepts and International Franchises are based as commercial real estate ventures brokerage and intellectual properties agency assignments.  


To compare, many of our small batch hand crafted product suppliers, brewers or small team musical instrument makers do not want to spend the time marketing and handling export sales. Our margins across the categories extablish a fair market value to the wholesale buyer in each market without overpricing the target to benefit the reseller and the supplier.


Our aims at commission fees for Export management are reasoable to encompass the supply side wholesale price, and suppliers may also opt for reduced commission fees against our retainer for international markets research and sales lead generation services. Such lead generation can be opted to be assigned back to the partipcating global supplier for their own respective trade lead follow up; or the supplier may opt to reassign the generated sales leads back to us for Export or Wholesale Order Sales Closure.


Keep in mind that if you are building beautiful items, as custom crafted hand built items, where made in the USA, or with origination as a highly respected region of the World renown for its makers in your category (only by example, originated from Paracho, Mexico for Hand Built Guitars, or our award winning tequila suppliers originated from Jalisco, Mexico, country music items originated near the obvious Nashville, Pottery arts from the Great American Southwest, Absynth or high technology items from Switzerland, or other merchandising product innovations from Belgium or Germany, we feel that in markets such as Japan, Dubai and others, while your firm may be selling your items at your single item published or web site listed SKU price, many of your custom crafted items, instruments and enterprises with the right reviews in international publications can drive a value for your line even higher in overseas markets. This would mean overseas dealerships and distributors would be paying more per item, and this fetches larger group orders or larger sales per region or country if not a slightly higher margin per item. Where needed we engage the evaluation to set the final pricing, looking at export or container price per item, importer price where involved, distributor margin order price to end retail order price with final SRP to the consumer. 


Issues addressed are the turnaround time for delivery per order, and our taking title to the goods to facilitate the sale and naming both parties as payees on such Letter of Credit sale terms, ensuring both our firms, KEG as Export Managers and our supplier firms are paid at the same time with deduction from such paying instrument.


We look forward to discussing further how Keg Trader's plans can help you increase your global distribution.