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Ron Knight, former Chairman of the Themed Entertainment Association, with extensive marketing reach throughout the Theme Parks and Themed Attractions industry, currently develops and partners with experienced retail product concept providers in 
global media and merchandising business; we are domestic and global sales agents and merchandisers for leading agencies and distributors who carry the branded networks such as Your Family Entertainment, Disney, Nickelodeon, BBC Kids, and more kids brand television networks, liefstyle and direct market product.

Under contract with the latest in 3D Printer solutions in cloud based print fulfillment for the 3D Printing infrastructure, as well as brandable and private label products, we look to solicit new business in allowing us the sales and marketing for specialty retail, direct web retail, and specifically for the theme park, leisure destination and attractions space, which is handled by our group with over 72 combined years specific to the attractions and amusement parks industry. 

Our combined credits include attractions for Universal Studios Florida, LA, Disney, MGM, Six Flags, Orlando Florida Attractions Association, Knott's, Cedar Point, Busch Gardens, Quassy Park, Playland, New York, Hershey and Dorney Parks, Caesar's Forum in Las Vegas, with our marketing at the IAAPA, TILE, AMOA, Funworld and the WFA and EFA Fairs Associations, vendor and concession groups to Live Nation and more. 

Mr. Ron Knight has been a Chairman of Membership and Communications for the Themed Entertainment Association, and has held SVP positions for contract vendor suppliers of goods, retail and creative attractions as installed in Universal Parks Orlando, Disney MGM Orlando, Disney Village, Busch Gardens, Church Street Station, Opryland - Gaylord, Astroworld - Six Flags, and Knott's. Partner Mr. Joe Montalto was former director of Playland in New York. With direct connect as a former Senator of New York State, Mr. Montalto also is liaison to Coney Island, Luna Park and others in the Northeast, where he has also been the director chair member of the New England Parks Association. Aside from direct consultant relations with Six Flags, Palace Entertainment and others, we've already garnered the interest and buy in of about 135 park operators for our various retail attractions and onsite merchandising in 3D scanning and cloud based printing solutions in New England alone. We also maintain a current rolodex of theme park rides and brokerage, and keep a combined marketing database of 7,000 park operators, buyers and decision makers in park operations in both the USA and global territories. 

Most majors from Six Flags down to the mom and pops get back with us quickly, as we address the 7,000 buyers and operators in our parks list with combined marketing assets and history. I think you'll be pleased with your assignment with us. Generally, we don't have issues hitting proposed minimums. From our vantage point, we can take your product introduction and hit the ground running. 

Our interest is moving business development for new, innovative and interesting ventures, and feel that with so many years in US and North American based parks, we will do an exceedingly good job with your interests.  

While we provide exceptional, expert installation and maintenance for our park based solutions, our group becomes the front end on sales for all theme park and location based attractions sales. This includes our follow up and the face time needed for dialog in nurturing the theme park installation relationships, where we're always talking with key clientele on how accounts in the parks are doing.


From North America, we also have buyer leads and accounts in Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, China, Panama and Brasil.

We need to acquire and amortize first product units for first units in our US territory for sales and marketing use, which can be installed and shuttled around for showcase demonstration. In our model, we can use and assign this demo unit at end buyer locations, parks, fairs or event installs, inclusive of trade show exhibition as needed; so in the short term exhibition it generates hard sales for ongoing install buys, while we also sell further units as hard installs.

Should you consider a direct dialog for US or North America, specific ONLY to the parks and attractions markets, we propose reasonable annual sales benchmarks at total sold units per year, price points, with no competitive or other sales representations specific for parks and attractions in the territory during the term. We do cover a minimum of 5 trade show events per year.

We prefer either selling direct for our requested represented lines, or providers who can provide us with our own branded "white label" products.  We prefer benchmarks so that other sales organizations do not have an assignment to sell around us, in our assigned industries and territories, once we are promoting your product or concept and have brought it to market across all of our 7,000 buyers. 

Perhaps your firm has a marketing and sales representation agreement that you can consider. If not, we can send one of ours for your consideration. 

We hope we've garnered your interest and attention, and am available to phone or SKYPE at any time. 

Yours, and looking forward;


Ron Knight



KEG Trading Co 



+1 619 573 9919, +1 310 779 9885