Merchandise and souvenir department buyers: Please contact us for pricing. These are custom creations for you in lots of 50 or 100, final run, to ensure collectibles rarity for each order. 


Profits! Profits! on Merchandise

Custom Amulets and Jewelry Pieces

for your retail souvenir shops and concessions

Limited Edition Collectibles as Jewelry make money


For your gift and souvenir merchandising at the parks. If you have anything to do with limited edition collectibles, which only increase in value for your best patrons, then consider the limited edition collectibles Amulets and Jewelry, designed by sculpting artist Kirk McLaren from Merlin and the Hand craft Artisans of the Canyon. 
Hobbits, gnomes, witches, orbs and gazing crystals... all at a delicious price point for resale to your theme attraction customers, which as custom orders can include your licensed and cleared characters, mascots, warlords, aliens, story themes and more.  Choose from the ready turn key items from our gallery ~ or have us craft your special orders. These are hand crafted, one of a kinds, each one numbered per run as in 1 out of 50 or 36 out of 100, etc., and only available as lots of 50 or 100, period. Ensured hand crafted rarity, and a value to increase over time means they'll sell for a higher price when there are only 100 units for sale, and then...  that's the end of the production run. 


Hand crafted in Solid Silver:  Available in lots of just 50 units or 100 units per SKU. 100 units buys you discount.  Only 10 units offered in Gold.


What is your park, land or retail concession store's theme? 

Contact us for rare hand crafted Amulets and collectible Jewelry, themed to your park theme, character or concept designs. Sell a new version each month as new, rare limited edition collectible for each subsequent calendar month, and watch the merchandise revenue from this line grow and thrive.

~ There will be nothing mystical about it.   

Amulets by Merlin in the Canyon


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