Boutique Retail Store- Licensing model
Casa Cofradia 50 

The first Casa Cofradia Boutique retail store was opened in 2004; this first store eventually was converted into the matrix factory store next to our distillery in Tequila, Jalisco.
After this success, the company decided to expand and standardize a system to replicate the business model.
Since 2004, Cofradia successfully inaugurated 19 Casa Cofradia Boutique retail stores in Mexico

Casa Cofradia Offer: 
•	Spirits Retails store with factory prices.
•	Full Brand Recognition “La Cofradia” Something more than Tequila ®
•	Tequila, Tequila 100%, Mezcal and Liquors with different presentation and packaging for all the types of customers.

Initial investment: $430,000 MXN
75 Mts2 Store
Warehouse: 12 Mts2
Location: Walkway, touristic area or a mall.
Thematic furniture and Signboard
Staff: 3 people
ROI: 8 Months

Casa Cofradia: Specialty Tequila Tasting Franchise

  • What do the customers want?

    • New and Unique products.
    • Taste different product, before they buy them.
    • More information about the distillery and their brands.
    • Good price vs quality relation.

    Casa Cofradia Propose:

    • Unique gift products
    • High quality Tequila and innovative packaging
    • New purchasing experience
    • Try & Choose


    Casa Cofradia Key factors

    • Tradition and Mexican culture “Unique Experience”
    • Learn the “How to” of making the Tequila – “Distillery School”
    • “Try &Choose” for you to make your best decision.  +360 Flavours
    • “Art on Fire” live and customize your own ceramic bottle.


    Requirements for this business model:

    • Fee Payment
    • Own or Lease a commercial location (Min: 50 Mts2-125mts2
    • Hire Employees and promote the store
    • Follow up to the Casa Cofradia Training program.
    • Location pre-setup.
    • Spirits Permit for Retail stores.



    Cofradia will provide:

    • Point of sale Software
    • Know how manual “Casa Cofradia”
    • Training program
    • Operative manual
    • Cofradia representative attending to the store opening.
    • Full assistance and periodically evaluations
    • All thematic furniture for the store
    • First stock of product and materials.
  • Cofradia Service:

    Before opening:

    • Training program to all the staff hired
    • Design and location recommendation
    • Promotion Consultancy

    After Opening:

    • Operations Manual
    • In Situ support
    • Cofradia full contact and service.
    • Constant updates on the portfolio.
    • Continuous Training program


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