If your Venue or room is in need of serious makeover on its acoustical treatment - and by this, we mean not your Pro Audio Live Sound Gear, but the room itself - you know, excessive reverb, bass traps, high frequency crossover pings and overall room sound hell - look no further than the latest easy up and in Acoustic Room Treatments from KEG - Jacovi. The cost-effective brand with easy installation Packs.

Does your Venue sound like Sh&t?

  • These latest venue line of ATP® Room Kits maximize the supply of JOCAVI’s group acoustic products for venues with more limited budgets. Since the growth of digital formats and computer based music tools, there has also been a growth in many home-studio room treatments, with more musicians and technicians in the music market. This growth has also lead to frequent improvisation in acoustic solutions that do not translate into great results. Mindful of the needs this segment, ATP® features acoustic treatment products and solutions which are both practical and accessible to all venues and studios. These are convincing ideas for those customers who wish to solve the acoustics of their room with a practical sense, a controlled budget, and absolutely killer design looks - whether for the studio room or the nightclub venue. 

    In order to simplify the layout of a music room, ATP® has created six acoustic panel packs which correspond to five room sizes. These rooms were acoustically simulated with the dimensions mentioned in each case and later verified with acoustic analyses. All of these turnkey solutions serve, as a comparison, to find THE solution for your space. Proposals are now available for venue or studio customers who look for practical, low cost solutions coupled with the rather refined aesthetic effect; available across the display for all of our Room in a Box acoustic products. 

    The ATP® packs are easy to assemble, and each pack includes all the glues and instructions for anyone to easily install them. YOUR ROOM willl never SOUND and LOOK so great, so easily. 

    You may buy them direct through KEG in North America. 

    Contact Ron Knight KEG +1 619 573 9919, or +1 310 779 9885, 
    email: rknight@kegtrader.com SKYPE: ron.knightkmi

    Thanks for looking, and looking forward to hearing your new venue or studio.

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