Our Lowest price entry into the full body, 3D scanning and figurine printing retail attraction: New Lower Price! Best price ever for Amusement Parks, FECs, and Destination Attraction 3D Printing. Your patrons and foot fall traffic enjoy all the fun and excitement of 3D Scanning and full figurine statue printing, at our lowest entry price point.

The all new 3DP "Mini Me" Full Body Scan, 3D Print


    New Lower Price! Best price ever for Amusement Parks, FECs, and Destination Attraction 3D Printing.

    The 3DP Mini Me: Full-Body Scanner. Simple. Powerful. Mobile.  
    Now starting at just $26,995.00 + $499/month parks and attractions cloud print subscription. 

    Offer your customers and patrons a one of a kind full color 3D Printed product that they're sure to love
    Easy as 1-2-3 

    1. Set up

     The 3DP Mini Me folds and unfolds in seconds for easy transportation, OR set it up in a themed permanent location 

    2. Scan

         Take full-body scans with just a few clicks of a mouse.

    3. Sell 

      Review, share scans and order 3D figures on-site OR online!


    The 3DP "Mini Me" is the fastest, easiest way to replace and update your photo booth, and makes business sense with this new Low Start-up Cost.

    3rd party financing available.

    Location Flexibility

    Go where your customers are. Carry the Mini Me in the back of your car and set up in less than an hour.

    Higher Margins

    Make more money on every product sold with our lowered 3D printing cost of goods for the retail selling prices per figurine. 

    Ever-Evolving Product Variety

    Products for all customer segments. Choose to offer figurines, busts, gaming avatars as customers place their 3D scans in upcoming video games, and many more products to come.

    Built-in Marketing

    Every scan is automatically shareable across social media, like Facebook or Twitter, and customers LOVE sharing their scans.

    Hassle-Free Order Fulfillment

    Focus on scanning your customers. We’ll take care of order fulfillment through our global network of approved 3D printing partners. Over 52 full color 3D printers are ready to print your scans from professional grade industrial service bureaus across the nation. Cloud delivery to your patron's home in just 2 weeks.  


    * Think of adding costumes for themed selfies.


    * Create souvenirs with park or destination logo brand-able base. 

    Click here to Watch a video 
    of the Twinstant Mobility system.
    Now available from 3DP KEG and High Mountain Enterprises for
    Parks, Attractions, Malls and Destinations. Our Mini Me brand or your brand. 


    __   Option One: Full-Body Scanner and cloud based service bureau printers      $26,995 + shipping

    Option One. Our lowest price gets you in the business. The 3DP Mini Me Full Body Scanner and retail POS Pad or tablet. Cloud based printing with 52 full color printers ready and more being added for "in the cloud" printing of 3D figurines for patron home delivery. $26,995.00

     Automated 3D Scanning System
    ● Twinstant Mobile Full­Body 3D Scanner
    ○ 89 embedded camera sensors
    ○ 25 integrated LED sensors
    ○ 16 LED light strips
    ○ ABS plastic shell exteriors
    ○ Cabling (Power and ethernet cabling)
    ● Capture laptop with Twinstant Capture App
    ○ 1 TB SSD
    ○ 8 Gigabytes of RAM
    ○ I7 Processor
    ● Bounding Area Mat
    ● Spare parts kit

    __  Option Two: Add a Printer,  single color monochrome     $4,995

    Option Two is an Add on. Want your own dedicated single color printer on site? Add on the latest state of the art highest capacity single color monochrome 3D Printer, so patrons can watch their figure being printed on site. The new Morpheus 3D Printer, with a throughput 29x higher than FDM or 16X higher than DLP.  $4,995  


    __  Option Three. The data farm based dedicated Color Projet 660 printer lease: The cost of the color printer lease is buried or absorbed in the Cost of Goods (COGs.) 

    Option Three. Do you want your own dedicated 3D full color printer handling your high volume park or mall location business capacity around the clock?  Ask us about adding a fully titled and leased 3D Systems Projet 660 Color 3D Printer, in your operating name, fully maintained and managed for zero downtime when housed at our data center Printer Farm.

    Owning and operating each of these 3D printers for your 3D printing business can be expensive. If your staff doesn't have a trained electrical engineer in maintenance who knows 3D Printers, you will want to make sure you get a maintenance contract from a reputable reseller that sells full-color 3D printers. You may even want to have an extra 3D printer for added redundancy. According to some Projet 660 users (the most popular printer to print 3D selfies), up-time hovers around 65%, which is why most people choose to use a 3D printing service rather than do it all themselves. For dedicated printing fulfillment to your location, choose this option and your leased printer runs 24/7 in your designated order fulfillment with maintenance. The cost of the lease is variable at 12 months or 24 months, but the cost is absorbed through capacity sales financial amortization of the figurine unit SKUs suggested retail prices, as cost of unit goods including materials and maintenance. As a revenue share deduction from the suggested retail selling prices, it's perfect for high volume locations with automatic wholesale cost of goods deduction, which includes supplies and all maintenance. Ask us for the proforma financial projections where we absorb the monthly cost of your color printer lease as cost of goods.  

    * Option One includes operator training, 30 day tech support, how to operation training video.

    * Option Two single color monochrome printer purchase includes onsite visit and installation service. Manufacturer's education and training of persons who are in charge of operation. Online support. Periodic site visits to check the Morpheus and operators.

    * Option Three dedicated leased Projet 660 or comparable 3D Printer located on data center Printer Farm program includes all maintenance and plastic supply. Shorter cloud delivery time to home delivery, as fast as 3 to 5 days. Cloud based or phone support.  

    With our new lowest price and the best price ever, sales and marketing by Knight Mediacom's KEG location based entertainment sales and High Mountain Enterprises Amusement Parks and Attractions expertise, the new 3DP Mini Me solution provides nearly instant scanning, much like walking into a photo-booth. The 3D figurine print will be ready for pickup within a couple of hours or shipped out to the customer with an email info collection POS tablet or screen, depending on preference and capacity. The team can provide multiple printers per scanning location to keep up with the scans based upon actual results of first market usages.

    Financing is available with terms from 24 to 60 months to pay, delivery in 7 to 8 weeks from order and payment. Rush available 5 to 6 weeks.

    We look forward to following up with you at your soonest convenience, to get you Out of the Box of your Photo Booth, and start selling thousands of units a month.


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