Coffee service flavor shots in our Premium Concentrate outshines any coffee syrup on the market with outstanding flavor profile and superior premium concentrate strength. Where one ounce of the other syrup not only goops up the coffee bevergae, one bottle at 25.4 ounces will net your coffee service just an average of 25 cups. One pint of KEG's Flavor Magic (TM) for coffee with just one teaspoon per serving rockets up to 96 average cuppa joes! If you're selling coffee and flavor shot profits, why make only 50% retail on a wholesale bottle of syrup, when your coffee service can go barista! and make easily $48 dollars returned from one pint when sold at the national average of .50 cents a flavor add, or up to .80 cents a flavor shot to return $76.80 on just one pint! Sold 12 pints to a case, here's your boom to coffee and ot beverage profits. Private label available or simply carry our Flavor Magic! 21 of the nationally preferred best selling flavors listed here. Special request? We have over 300 flavors available! 


SRP from $13.95 to 15.95 - sold 12 pints to the case.

Limited time Promotion Offer! By 4 cases and get two free! 

KEG's Coffee Flavor Magic (TM)


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