What's "Ale-ing" You? Don't Fruit the Beer! Why not?


Here we are at a great Spring weekend after Earth Day, and my birthday; so it feels like the right time to write about Spring flavors for custom small batch crafted Flavored Ales. We were just out at one of our favorite local San Diego Brewery pubs for our almost ritual "wing night" when I found their weekly special in-house brewed craft ales list - three of which were flavored. We know the trend, and we have an entire history of brewers' flavors and adjuncts most used as fruits, herbs and spices; in this case it was interesting to note some usual suspects on the craft beers menu board: Blueberry - yep! Raspberry, of course; and something made with marshmallows. I went with Marshmallow, because we have flavors that stem from a 37 year history in research on every flavor, from the leisure destination, amusement park and candy store markets. So I needed to taste what this marshmallow as made would do to something otherwise not so hoppy. As delivered right from the tap, it had a pink-reddiish toned head on an otherwise rich golden hue, and when I tasted it, I found a very light 'sweetness' with a tad creme hue in the nose that disappeared very quickly. A-hA! What I realized is that we could have easily stepped this brew up a notch, because while I was willing to bet that NO one really wanted a true lingering marshmallow flavored ale, our seven derivations of Marshmallow would have infused this puppy with a distinct taste reminiscent of true custom classic marshmallow. By that, I mean your visualized smokey campfires...Halloween... Easter Bunnies in April, a fresh warm out of the bag, first date powdered 'chalkiness', to an in the nose marshmallow punch that still disappears, but truly gives your palate the sense of the Carnival or Old Time Fairgrounds fun. This brew, though very nice, just basically had a pink hue and "sweetness" to it, a quick fall off the palate, but Marshmallows have so much more niche and nuance of flavor, and an attribute life experience, rather than just being "sweet" - as the one time flavor contribution one off.

Thinking about taste qualities, and each of of our 327 flavors, this brings me to my nose, and really, to my good friend Al Weist, may he Rest In Peace. His nose and taste buds were amazing; Award winning in fact. This brings us to one of the great Crusaders of taste, flavors and syrups of all time, so let me introduce you to my very good friend and unexpected team partner, Al Weist.

Award Winning Flavors since 1984:

Al Weist - the Guru of Flavor Magic

It was actually 1987. My varied career in media and marketing brought me to a point, where serving as a marketing consultant with a private sector counterpart to the United States Dept of Commerce, put me into the category of Food & Beverage as well as Amusements & Attractions. Having served all of the clients in foods, fun foods, fair foods, beverages, food and beverage service equipment manufacturers, I heard the mission statement, the specs, the pitch and the comparable from each and every one. Then I met Al Weist. Al had come from an ingenious family background and lineage of German Pastry Bakers... his mother, his mother's mother.. four generations in fact of stealth 'in the blood' genetic knowledge of fruits, flavors, spices, additives, stabilizers and more. That 'in the birthright' knowledge between a natural fruit pectin based coagulating gelatin and how it would hold together everything from apples to zinfandels; what essential base shades of Vanilla from every point in the world would actually be found and must be based in various cocoas to create the best chocolates; this and more were the encyclopedia in his genetic make up. In 1984, he won Best New Products Awards from the IAAPA and other leading Food & Beverage Associations for the Leisure and Destinations Industry. As a Missionary of Hawaiian Shave Ice frozen desserts, even the Chinese, Japanese and most important the Hawaiians, realized that Mr. Weist had in fact created the best , superior Shave Ice syrups and concentrates - not foregoing these ancient Asian cultures claim to creation of the first Shave Ice desserts based on all natural fruits, nuts and berries. Even in Hawaii, at the Ala Moana Center, they tossed what they'd been using for decades, and brought in Al's Flavor Magic, as probably the best endorsement of the great taste and texture ("mouth feel" to you and me) in Al's life work achievement. My good friend Al was a genius in all things mechanical and yet simple, brewing and stewing. Al had created the first syrup, due to its unique patent formula blending, that actually flowed into and suspended into the cut of the shave ice crystal - yielding a fluffy, tender, instant frozen concoction texture, that would eat like a sherbet - yet could only be described much like a frozen cotton candy... that then collapsed and disappeared in the mouth with instant cooling freshness, but featured a solid, highly defined frozen dessert taste all the way down to the last bite. Not like the typical snow cone syrups of the day that just gave everyone what turned into a melted rock of ice, straddled in a pool of red, blue or muck colored sugar water. Understanding his genius, creating the first Gourmet Shave Ice Syrups, we became fast pals and a great team. We used to talk about what typical concessionaires, snack bars and restaurants would serve up as "Strawberry". We used to talk this same talk with key buyers at Disney. They thought we were crazy. A real Strawberry Sno-Cone? Who cares? They were all about operations and product profits. We told them... "That's the point. That's not Strawberry. That AIN'T Strawberry! - That's.... RED! ... and it's Just RED."! With these Magic Ice frozen confections, we promote over 327 flavors, and because they are bang dead-on and on the money, the wold of mouth and the color spectrum walking though the parks will yield higher profits as people buy more and the items sell for more - $ 3.00 to $ 5.00 a serving, - for ICE - instead of what ends of being a rock of ice floating in muck colored sugar water and ending up in the trash cans. Again, we said, That ain't Strawberry - it's just RED. They said, okay... so let's taste your strawberry. Now this is Disney, And here was Al's greatest Magic. He didn't make "A" strawberry. To this day, we have over 11 Strawberries. How involved would you like to be? Strawberry Strawberry Colada Strawberry Daiquiri Strawberry Margarita Strawberry Shortcake Strawberry Surprise Wild Strawberry Magic Strawberry Royal Strawberry Hot Strawberry Strawberry Pie Baked Strawberry Chocolate Covered............................... Strawberry. Even Disney was amazed, and started the line. As was Busch Parks... at the time obviously owned by Anheuser-Busch. The firm supplied countless vendors, fairs, festivals and concessionaires, theme parks and more, and still does to this very day. With the firm's ability to flavor up great concoctions like real Key Lime Pie, Golden Cadillacs, Rocky Road and more, each right on the money; I traveled with Al to every trade show that my marketing background would bring us to - in New York, Chicago, Orlando; Vegas, out of the country. We traveled around a lot together, at one point up to 38 trade shows per year! And always with the same result. These Flavors were amazing! At the time, Mr. Weist's 253 flavors and specially textured syrups continued to win numerous Awards, and we conspired together, to move into flavored waters, coffee syrups, and for years enlisted a hunt for wineries and breweries, knowing that Als' famous taste and formulas would leap upon the springboard for flavored wine coolers and of course, Flavored Beers and Ales. When I told Al that my area and focus was now going to be Craft Brewers and Microbreweries, Al said, "Ron, Go For It!" I'll make two small changes to the formulas for options on secondary or post batch. My grand uncle and his son were in brewing, and I already know how to get that done!" My good friend Al has now gone. Those who knew him still say what a great character he was. Everyone in business always says - KISS - Keep it Simple Stupid. What could have been more Simple, than just creating something so wonderful as just plain Great Taste! I''ve been involved in marketing high-tech, media and marketing, international licensing agreements, intricate marketing campaigns, exhausted complex corporate sales incentive plans and more.. but this simple legacy in Great Taste and nose, with now over 327 flavors on the list - is the most comprehensive, yet Simple mission statement I've seen. It stands the test of time. It's here now and available for you to brew!

Special Offer! Free Concentrate Syrup for Post Batch Makes up to 50 gallons of Flavored Brew - ready to serve.

With so many flavors to choose from, we suggest only but a few to set your special flavored ales offerings in motion. 1) Raspberry - works so well with a wheat ale base, also takes nicely to a light pilsner 2) Cranberry Orange - Holiday Season -

3) Lemon/Lime - a cross between the British Shandy and Mexico's Con Limon 4) Licorice/Black Currant - Our special private label "Spooky Brew" for our Classic Rock Breweries label. Great for Halloween/seasonal or ongoing in the family of light "Jagermeister" ideas, but actually much more enlivened by the dark berry. 5) Citron - blend of 5 citrus for summer ales. with hints of tangerine, grapefruit and other light citrus - the fresh clean taste for early mid summer weather.

6) Pomegranate - ah, a seasonal journey into the Middle East - clean, with a light gold, pilsner, and even tops on an amber.

7) Chocolate Malts - Blends nicely on your darks

8) Pina Colada - hints of pineapple and classic coconut top off for late Spring

From our entire flavor line: What we have found blends and touches well into a variety of beers and ales, of which we use these direct, or blend them into new composite flavors to add a hint of remarkable varieties:

Amaretto Amaretto Surprise

Apple Apple Cider Apple Magic Apple Pie Ala Mode Apricot B-Man Bahama Mama Banana Banana Colada Banana Cream Banana Daiquiri Banana Magic Bavarian Cream Berry Punch Birch Beer Blackberry Black Cherry Blackberry Blueberry Blue Coconut Blue Cream Soda Blue Hawaii Blue Raspberry Blue Vanilla Boysenberry Bubble Gum Butter Rum Butterscotch Candy Apple Cantaloupe Cantaloupe & Ice Cream Cherry Cherry Cola Cherry Colada Cherry Daiquiri Cherry Lime Chocolate Chocolate Fudge Chocolate Malt Coffee Coffee Hawaiian Coconut Candy Colada Concord Grape Cinnamon Cinnamon Apple Citrus Cooler Clear Vanilla Coconut Cola Cotton Candy Cotton Candy (Green)<Option> Cranberry Cream De Menthe Daiquiri Dreamcicle Egg Nog Fizz French Vanilla Fruit Punch Fuzzy Navel Ginger Beer Goden Matador Grape Grass Hopper Green Apple Guava Gum Ball Gummy Bear Hawaiian Sunrise Hawaiian Sunset Hawaiian Surprise Honey Nut Horchata Hot Cherry Hot Cinnamon Hot Pineapple Hot Strawberry Iced Tea Island Punch Jaimaica Java Mocha Joker Kalua Coffee Key Lime Key Lime Pie Kiwi Lemon Lemonade Lemon Drop Lemon Lime Licorice Lime Lime Punch Magic Coconut Magic Orange Magic Pineapple Mai-Tai Mango Maple Maple Nut Margarita Margarita Surprise Maraschino Cherry Maui Kazowie! Melon Mint Mint Chocolate Mint Daiquiri Mint Julip Mock Rum Mock Tequila Nectarine Ole Fashion Root Beer Orange Orange Hawaiian Orange Pineapple Papaya Passion Fruit Peach Peaches & Cream Peanut Butter Cup Pina Colada Pina Colada Special (Clear)Pineapple Pink Champagne Pink Grapefruit Pink Lemonade Pistachio Pog Pumpkin Pie - Great for Pumpkin Ale! Raspberry Raspberry Colada Raspberry Daiquiri Raspberry Margarita Red Cream Soda Red Licorice Roasted Almond Rock-N-Roll Root Beer Root Beer Float Rooty Tootie Fruity Royal Banana Royal Strawberry Rum & Cola Sasperilla Sassafras Snow Cream Sour Grape Sour Green Apple Spearmint - this is used as just a hint on very light, pale ales Strawberry Strawberry Cheesecake Strawberry Colada Strawberry Daiquiri Strawberry Margarita Strawberry Shortcake Suicide Summer Breeze Tahiti Surprise Tamarind Tangerine Tigers Blood Tootie Fruitie Toffee Tropical Punch Vanilla Very Cherry Watermelon Wedding Cake Wild Berry Wild Cherry Wild Peach Wild Raspberry Wild Strawberry Wintergreen - again, in hint moderation on light ales -summer coolers- or deep and dark as blended with another composite Wipeout

CALL US NOW and we'll set you up with one of our Super 12 Concentrate Quarts - FREE!

Makes up to 50 gallons of ready to serve brew. 348 pints on tap.

Call us and we'll set up a visit together on your site, talk flavored ales as a niche boutique brewery plan, with ongoing brew pub supply, and sales. Regional market distribution plans available.

KM Products Group & KEG Distribution a Division of Knight Entertainment Group Specialty market products, marketing and media for the craft beer and microbrewery brand.

Cheers! Ron Knight

Call or email today. (619) 573 9919 or (310) 779 9885


KEG Trading Co. ("Tasteful merchandise")

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+1 619 573 9919, +1 310 779 9885 SKYPE: ron.knightkmi

More on Adjuncts and Flavorings, if you'd like to consider a "fruitful"

beer garden concept:

Adjuncts & Flavorings

Fruits and spices are key ingredients in some beer styles. While fruit beers and herb beers are often listed as style categories unto themselves, fruits and spices are sometimes used to contribute to the flavour and aroma profile of other styles. Vegetables have also been used in beers. Honey, molasses, candy sugar, or other fermentable sugars may be added to impart their distinct flavours to a beer. While not an ingredient per se, some brewers have experimented with aging their beer in barrels previously used for bourbon or other distilled spirits, imparting the flavour of both the wood and the spirit to the beer. A number of traditional beer styles are brewed with spices. For example, Belgian witbier is brewed with coriander, Finnish sahti is brewed with juniper berries, and traditional beers in Britain are brewed with honey and spices. Also, some strong winter beers are flavoured with nutmeg and/or cinnamon, while ginger is a popular flavouring for a range of beers. Many commercially available pumpkin ales are made with pumpkin pie spices without any actual pumpkin.

Spices may be added to the wort during the boil or spices or spice extract may be added at any time during fermentation depending on desired results.

Spices used in brewing include:







Hot pepper

Juniper berries or boughs



Orange or Lemon peel

Spruce needles or twigs (see spruce beer)


Other, less common flavourings include chocolate, coffee, milk, chile peppers and even oysters. Fruits have been used as a beer adjunct or flavouring for centuries, especially with Belgian lambic styles. Cherry, raspberry, and peach are a common addition to this style of beer. Modern breweries may add only flavoured extracts to the finished product, rather than actually fermenting the fruit. Contemporary breweries produce beers flavoured with tequila from blue agave nectar, a tequila-flavoured beer popular among German and French youth, and pumpkin-flavored beers brewed seasonally in the autumn in North America.

Chile pepper is used to flavor pale lagers. One of the most popular American chile beers is produced in Taos, New Mexico; made with New Mexico roasted green chiles. And a brewery in Arizona features the only internationally marketed chile beer.

Sahti - from Finland; a distincly 'banana' tlavor, due to the yeast.

Imagine your brew pub, trendy, with fun, fast, finger foods or a "tapas" concept, and an easy changing flavor menu changed by week, month, holiday or even brand or themed special events.

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