Short Run 3D Printing Manufacturing Runs, Run Around Prototype to Samples to Production Goods

It's Christmas, we hope this note finds you well, and we know what Santa and the elves are doing to step up orders for toys and goodies deliverable merchandise! Advising our new vested interest in 3D Printing, and the benefits to short run collectibles manufacturing which promises to run right around China in manufacturing. 3D plastic printing and fulfillment moves the market away from the need for injection molding, offering a short cut around prototyping and injection mold runs for new plastic toy items, action figures and more. 3D Printing basically takes a 3D rendered file from a CAD based graphics modeling program, and creates a stereo-lithographic file (STL file) of any object, character or modeled design, to be printed out as a plastic, fully formed object. The value here for toy brands, action figure makers and wholesale distributors and other collectibles market makers is the ability to short run fully made 3D objects without the first steps of design, design for prototype building, plastic injection mold creation for prototyping, making a prototype and then moving to injection plastic molds for an injection plastics factory to handle the run order. By creating 3D printed goods, the actual final item comes right off the 3D Printer. For those firms acting as licensees for acquisitions for licensed or branded character goods, we can facilitate by getting the character or item prototyped and printed as a turn-key ready stand alone plastic item, then turn around short runs of up to 5,000 units out of our plant in San Diego. When we act as the licensee, we can accomplish a fast turnaround for up to 5,000 units and in turn distribute through our prior vendor relationships with Distributors updated circulation to direct stores distribution. Short runs are great for test market toys, or limited edition collectibles from one to one hundred, or a thousand units to 5, 000 as a set out, test and sell through. If an action toy is a success on sell through test, we further have the option to move into our plastic injection fulfillment just over the Mexico border in the new industrial corridor of the expanding corporate manufacturing centers in the Tijuana-Ensenada-Tecate triangle. Moving from the market test or short order limited edition runs we can execute larger scale orders at 50,000 units plus. We have our plastic injection molding to order, as 3D Printing has facilitated around the prototype phase if needing to move from short order runs to large volume. Warehousing, trucking and customs clearance are included to then turn deliveries up to 2.5 times faster than China, where a manufacturer or distributor would otherwise wait for shipping containers to cross the Pacific. When we act as the manufacturer, and by example targeting the comic books publishing markets, we can by option become the manufacturer as vendor feeding our direct to retail lines for short run action figures, 3D printed novelties, plates, coins and more; any of which might be on your agenda or in your interests. By reducing a boat load of costs on prototyping and production, I think we have a productive stream of new items that can be floated into the market on a cost conservative and highly efficient basis. Example: A simple model when acting as licensee with a Comics Books Publisher: with distribution through a plan of * licensee Comic Book Publishers: as part of a license plan, the Comic Publisher receives an allotment in short run 3D Printed units for direct sale to their target circulation: 500 pieces to sell direct. * target retailers comic books and collectibles shops - through our current vendor sales agreements, each of which services 4,000 comics and collectibles retailers: garnering 10% of shops ordering just one unit in advance through pre sale: 400 - 500 pieces in the retail direct market (not including re-orders and the probability that minimum order per store in lower priced goods will be 6 units; stand alone high end collectibles can be 1 unit). * e commerce as allocated through affiliated websites, by select API pick and ship, or if the character brand is with a production company's internet and e-commerce websites carrying the character streaming video or onscreen brands: 500 pieces for website e-commerce Target runs at 500 pieces to each target stream in short run = 1,500 units. Brands today in the market such as DC collectibles are fetching average $29.95, and $59.95 based upon the size of the collectibles units, with a commanding price of $300 per piece when deemed high end limited edition run. If estimating a target at $49.95, 1,500 pieces can be a $75,000 value per manufactured run at sell through. 1,500 units at $300 target is a $450,000 revenue at target for high end, limited edition pieces. End of run at just 1,500 units. One deal. Our joint ventures interests as a combined enterprise is a substantial premiere rapid prototyping option for cost effective low volume production of plastic parts in San Diego, California. Offering as 24-48 hour turn around times and over-night shipping throughout the continental United States, the firm currently provides high quality plastic parts to designers, engineers and inventors looking for the most cost effective rapid prototyping solution available. I hope this sparks interest for you as possible licensing representatives, brand or character licensors, publishers or toy company needing hand samples then going direct to market. There are many franchises and brand extended product concepts, inclusive of any 3D printed object, coins, plates, etc where a short run, high end, fast turnaround to target fan bases and select retail makes sense. VIDEO: My Regards, Ron Knight KMI / SD3D 619 573 9919, 310 779 9885 SKYPE: ronknight.kmi

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