With one in three households having a musician in it, does this tell you that one third of the entir

You bet. Contact us today. We have what it takes to turn your crowd into rock n rollers, to crooners, and even Mickey Rooners... From Community Recreational Rhythm making, to pitch correcting Karaoke - now everyone can be a star... Select Vocal Pro Microphones at a retail price point that beats the pro microphone shootouts, to multichannel Karaoke mixers where not one but 5 singers Kar-oke together, rhythm sticks where crowds assemble for recreational music making, and buy products to jump in the game. High Tech multi-driver ear buds for the excelling sound experience for generation x, y, and on beyond Z, who just won't where headphones anymore, whether for the Pro audio studo mix, or on and in the Streets where they live!

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