The Review of our Roots in marketing Flavors for Shave Ice, Mixology, Coffee Flavor Shots, Craft Bre

Since our email server flipped over to a new ISP back in 2008, it's been hard to go back and take a look at where KEG came from, but we were able to find some archives online. From my background in a role I served in international marketing, industries of interest eventually were item SKUs that in my mind were probably easier to think about in sales such as selling ice or frozen beverages on summer days pushing 105 degrees fahrenheit, like it's been today here in Southern California.

Now remounting and repositioning some of our food service lines, Im reminded of my history in right hand marketing direction for International Award Winning Magic Ice Products, who took many awards in the Food and Beverage category in the late 80's since their inception in 1984. At the same time Id been in marketing for Franchise Communications for YUM Brands and PepsiCo, there was a rather unique overlap in my trying my hand at merchandising flavor profiles, first that could be carried to branded chains and franchises in the themed entertainment or maybe the movie product line areas of Quick Serve Restaurants, such as well, selling a licorice - blackberry flavored Slush called the Dark Knight, or maybe a tri colored New York Egg Creme featuring Vanilla, Chocolate and Raspberry syrups as "The Three Stooges", or of course our jaunt with Betty Boop's California Sparking Wines in natural Brut, or Peach or Raspberry. There's a unique spot where flavor profiles meet marketing to matched demographic audiences, and its still a fun project to come up with the flavors where seasons, audiences pallets and merchandising at the bar, the barista or the concession stand come together.

Back to the Future which means going back to the past: Here's the archive link I found to our marketing maiden voyage in food and beverage lineups from an archive way gone by...

We are pleased to join the YUM franchise vendors to be of service to CARIBLA members. It has been some time since I was hired to write the KFC CARIBLA trade show entertainment and market communications for the franchisees conventions. I hope some of you might remember me from writing the "Family Food", game shows for the regional conventions, where the best joke that went over was the introduction of KFC's latest product innovation, "Chicken on a String", the fully retractable sales item. After checkout, the merchandise would simply be pulled right back into the store; and as most QSR operators would certainly find it to be a loss leader, the item showed great promise to be highly profitable, because after all, you could sell the item over, and over, and over again. It is great to join with you and be with good colleagues again.

Award Winning fast menu item change flavors and products, from syrups and grill and glaze sauces, to frozen beverage and confection desserts. Dealer reps for Gold Medal Products and more, as well as In-store QSR location promotion support.

While our best 'chicken joke' certainly received letters from the Directors of Franchise Development thanking me and inviting me back for more, I hope it's not a solution that reflects our economy and market needs at this time. I see great need for today's QSRs; in food supply, as cultural icons, as branded lifestyle outings and experiential benchmarks for today's family and their food consumption requirements. We hope to provide great service and value for you in our new domestic and export sales in independent and co-branded distribution to your leading QSRs in the YUM Franchises: KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Long John Silvers & A&W. As Exporters of "fun food" sales to over 750 QSRs in Latin America and the Caribbean, and providing the market in the USA and export with themed entertainment solutions, such as motion picture release, television brands and comic book promotions, we look forward to meeting many of you at the upcoming CARIBLA - YUM Vendor trade show calendar events. You'll find many of our new highly regarded fast menu item change flavors and products from syrups and grill and glaze sauces, to frozen confection desserts have stemmed from our Domestic and Global Distribution in the Fun Foods Concession markets of Fairs, Themed Entertainment venues, high-traffic c-stores, festivals, theme and amusement parks, carnivals and more through our affiliated global concessions sales partner systems with exhibition at the IAPPA, Fun Expo, the TEA, WWPA and more.

Our syrups line, featuring over 327 flavors, work very well with quick change menu item flavor change merchandising. Since we work with many entertainment brands and film studios here in the USA, you'll find a great degree of opportunity to merchandise leading entertainment brands and motion picture properties as food and beverage items for your QSR's: as new custom blended beverages, frozen dispensed beverage products, and even nutraceutical or energy drinks! With over 327 flavors in our line, and an award winning history since 1984 with the IAPPA, our syrups and concentrates are found at Disney, Six Flags, Anheuser-Busch parks and more.

From the Tropical Sabores para Slush y Raspado; Award winning Shave Ice; to Coffee, Tea and Chocolate "Flavor Shots": and even the best microbrewed craft brews and ales for your own tavern / pub style private labeled or house branded beverage line up: * Custom Flavor Creation & Blended Mixology.

* Special new flavors for TV and Movie promotion merchandising, with the taste creatively likened to the 'visual image style guides' of the latest motion pictures and TV series released in your countries;

feature film releases: character properties, including promotion in extended brand elements. * Branded Souvenir Cups, Bottling or Packaging Collateral, On Site Dispensing Solutions * Formidable marketing in partnerships with Google Media Web Site syndication, national movie theater film distributors, TV networks, Delta Airlines In flight, and more.

* Digital Video Signage and in store audio themed channels to communicate food and beverage specials, as well as full time branded music channels themed around your store brand! We hope to follow up with you in due course to discuss a perfect blend of a being a best vendor solution in "brand extended" beverages: Waters, Tropical Sabores, Slush and frozen drinks, of course the ever expanding nutraceuticals or "Energy Drink" markets, microbrewery craft brew and ales. Our new exclusive export distributorship with Gold Medal products, grants us latest solutions in food items such as flavored Churros Rellenos, flavored Tavern Pretzels, Breakfast item Savory and Sweet Puffs, Savory Shake which incorporates now into 21 new Grill and BBQ sauce flavors, and even as a toss on or fried batter flavor for your fastest QSR menu item Quick Change Artistry: on meats, chicken, poultry and fish.

Thanks again for adding us to your Vendor group. We look forward to being of service to you and yours here at


Ron Knight

President ----------------------------------- KEG TRADING and DISTRIBUTION

An affiliate division of Knight Mediacom Tel: (619) 573 9919 Cell: (310) 779 9885 SKYPE: ron.knightkmi

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