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CASE STUDY in Food Supply Brokerage: The Covid 19 Pandemic shuttered many industries and initiated an enire global reset on supply side for basic consumables and other provisions across manufactured goods. Food supply was pushed to the brink from supply all the way to bottlenecks and consumer shopping. While entire tech, e-commerce and rideshare marketplaces boomed in grocery and restaurants conversion to new models in home delivery, on the largest scale of agricultural and food supply, shortages and interruption created food supply blockages for many countries and cultures with curated palates.

As a Trading Company, KEG services the needs of buyers and providers of products from the Western Hemisphere going into the Eastern Hemisphere and the world. A keen example of recent troubleshooting in brokerage for food supply, from our Bangkok office; the Government of Thailand had an immediate need in orders for pork product. The taste for pork was and is very high in Thailand and supplied due to pandemic were very short from their known suppliers in the UK. We sought alternate suppliers from our other region offices, and based out of Mexico found 100% premium quiaity highest feed raised pork product authorized for export from the leading providers. An issue at hand was many pork producers in some regions of the world carry certification and licenses for export and import with many other designated countries, but in this case, Thailand was new frontier. Through our broker network with offices between Thailand and Hong Kong, we provided solutions in sea to overland. Thailand wanted to buy replenishment in large quantities. While supply was the issue into the non licensed CIF order in Bangkok being Khlong Toei port in Thailand BKK, the timely procurment of new pork supply from a new country, Mexico, would have taken far too long to facilitate, procur government licenses from both sides, an wait out the time line for the licenses and permits to enact. But a nation was hungry, and good quality pork, is excellent quality pork. As the new product supply, which works for many domestic and western hemisphere product providers, we were able to arrange alternate supply, as coming from Mexico and shipped, with authorized license into Hong Kong port, with our arranged local broker pickup, the intermediary order conversion who then used overland trucking and local Asian transnational border clearances, as the HK receiving destination going into BKK Khlong Toei. Payments were arranged at 100 % LC At sight.

In soliciting the pork product, our developing new signed brokerage relationship agreements with a few of the leading pork providers in Mexico, was a win for the providers, a win for Asia markets. Whole pork and parts were delivered by the Mexico pork producer's supply, capabilities, price points at container or split container loads.

In the time since 2021, we've arranged our Export Sales Brokerage agreements with these very firms that are 100% authorized for provision and global trade with authority from Mexican Pork®, an association of the Mexico Federation comprising the largest pork producers in Mexico, specialized in distributing, commercializing and exporting for Food Services, Premium Characteristics, Food Safety, Logistics, Flexibility and interfacing with Handling companies.

KEG was also in direct attendance in the first meetings in 2014 between the Mexican Government and China-Beijing, with our assigned legal representative at the very dinner where the two nations' Presidents arranged a bilateral agreement to facilitate pork from Mexico to meet the demands of the China - Sino diet and importation needs.

Since, and stemming from past history with Food supply in corn, concession, fun foods, and brands in marketing such as YUM! Brands and PepsiCo, the CARIBLA Franchisee Association (KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell restaurants, LATAM) we now also enjoy a unique perspective with the food supply firms we've come to work with in USA imports, as assigned Export Sales representation with the food supply providers who are fully compliant, USA Federally licensed for USA importation. All parties receive supply of all written documentation of license standards and compliance on dual firm appointed (MXN, USA and other nation firms in transaction) quality control inspection and certifications.

Our accounting is handled domestically with purchase orders and related accounting coming into San Diego, CA; for ease of transfer as US domestic orders to international order fulfillment. Or, documentation can be placed as international orders in our Mexico office based upon any supply acquisitions as specific import needs and documentation requirements.

That's all about Makin' the Bacon!

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