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Coffee Flavor Magic Concentrate
Coffee and Hot Beverage Profits
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Exclusive assignments in distribution for North America, with international offices in the Pacific Rim, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Mexico, Panama, Brazil, UK and Portugal.   


Ordering may be done though our site for buyers in chain, specialty retail, emporiums, luxury destination resorts, karaoke and night clubs, theme parks and attractions markets, commercial real estate concept operators and brand promotions.  


Publishing and Licensed Rights in Distribution for wholesale customers and trading companies with the best in products, price, and personalized or easy online order fulfillment service.

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Ventures and Distribution Partners

For venue reopenings under the new Covid 19 protection mandates for public health and precaution of any secondary outbreak of COVID-19 virus, an automatic temperature testing device at the entrance of public place is crucial at this moment. Features include Live Face Recognition even if someone wears a mask, Human temperature detection and Voice alarm for abnormal temperature. For the Temperature Measurement & Face Recognition device, please contact us! 

Capital and funding available or ventures or expansion, using the underlying owner, entrepreneur or operator's title assets as secured notes held for tradable government licensed bond, An innovative approach to capital raising, risk management and merchant & investment banking solutions throughout the Asia Pacific region, Middle-East, Europe , North America and Africa since 1990. Talk to us about leading edge funding, commercial and business solutions. Our range of specialized business consulting services are aimed at solving and enhancing our clients and joint-venture partners operations to achieving the desired goals. • Funding of Corporate and Government projects, • Utilities and Infrastructure projects • Property Construction and Real Estate Asset Growth

Whats New @ Q3 2020 from KEG Trading Co 

Beer, Wine, Spirits, Coffees


Fort Glen Distiller's Reserve Scotch Whiskey - cost effective Import.  Award winning smoothness, winner of the New York ISC Bronze Medal, and the 2012 Beverage Testing Institute Chicago Bronze Medal.  From Speyside region of the Scottish Highlands. Market entry pricing SRP $19.95.  Target price later SRP $35.95  

Corazon de Malta - select award winning craft brews and ales from Lake Chapala, Mexico:

  • Red ring english pale ale bronze 2019

  • American Brown 2018

  • Boormalt Cup Gold Regia Cup English Pale Ale 2018

  • Mariachela Cup Español Pale Ale 2018

  • Mariachela Santos Bronze Cup 2018

  • Beer Cup Mexico Brown Bronze 2016

  • Beer cup Mexico English Pale Ale 2016                          ​All artisan made in the hand crafted tradition 













Finca Kotowa, Panama - Green Coffee Beans, landed in USA for roasters. The finest tasting most robust coffees from Finca Don K. At altitude of 1,700 metres above sea level on the volcanic slopes of the farm, the distant Pacific Ocean on one side and the near-by rugged mountains of the continental divide on the other,  this area is naturally blessed with the perfect combination of rain, wind, sunshine, clouds and temperature produce an organic coffee with distinctive character from the Chiriqui region. 



















Coffee Green Bean stock as imported - landed in Los Angeles, Florida, or NY/NJ

from Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Papua New Guinea.

Roasters and Brokers, please enroll in our email list or call for avails and quotes. 


* As seen at major venue concessions and barista coffee bars. 

FLAVOR MAGIC TM for summer Cold Brew, fall and winter hot beverage lines


Coffee service flavor shots in Premium Concentrate outshines any coffee syrup on the market.  Problem: Other well known shelf syrup "goops up" the coffee beverage served, one bottle at 25.4 ounces  nets coffee service an average of 25 cups per syrup bottle. 

Solution: One pint of KEG's Flavor Magic (TM) for coffee with just one teaspoon per serving rockets up to 96 average cuppa joes!  Boost your 50% retail markup on a wholesale bottle of syrup, to go barista! and easily make $48 dollars return from one pint when sold at the national average of .50 cents a flavor add!

21 of the nationally preferred best selling flavors available

in stock as taken from national reports on top selling flavors. 

Special request? Over 300 flavors available!  Wholesale for retail


 Also available as industrial line to flavor production lines of cold

brew, spirits and whiskeys. 


Supplies, Tech Solutions, PPE, & Merchandise


Click here for latest innovation for your venue upgrades from Acoustics, Aesthetics, LED Poster digital display, and PPE Covid Careful Service products and supplies:


Kotowa comes from the indigenous Gnobe language which means

“mountains”. A “Coffee from the Mountains” that is produced in

Boquete by dedicated people in a traditional way.

1st  Place  Best of Panama Cupping Competition  Geisha Natural Category

1st  Place  Best of Panama Cupping Competition   Traditional Variety Natural

1st  Place  Best of Panama Cupping Competition   Traditional Variety Washed

1st Place Coffee Producer of the Year –  SCAP Award

Green Bean bags as Spot

or Forward

Also available as ready to consume

award winning roasted blends 

in single serve k cup compatible

pods for retail or hospitality


10-12 ounce bagged, 2-2.5 pound bagged  


INNOVATIONS New Product Showcase


Beer, Wine, Spirits

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Specialty Coffee

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Venue PPE

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Coffee flavor order sheet 2017 Page