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How to move your Franchise to new global markets for new revenue heights

KEG Trade Group Ltd specializes in international license agreements in extending trademarks, brands, licensed IP and franchises based in the USA or our other point locations to key trade players in acquisition, finance, operation and construction in 7 regions of the world. Our key offices aside from the USA are in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Sydney, Mexico City, Managua, Panama, Sao Paulo, Lisbon.

As of this date, our new office has opened in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. While we have a 10 year history in Guadalajara region, we see the boom in Vallarta across it primary sectors, Tourism, Short Term Rental (vacation housing) and Food (International Gourmet and Prep). This may seem apparent to those who have made the typical weekly stay in Vallarta or bounded off a cruise ship for the day.

But what many don't know is old Mexico is gone. With a fastest rising middle class, a movement of leading automotive manufacturing to Mexico, the realm for growth here is only matched by the current administration's revamping of social services to keep up with the growth and population needs. What many do not realize, is that very old Mexican land holders, family generations deep, now know that Expats from prior wealthy nations are relocating to Mexico. It makes much more sense to sell your 2,000 family acres of corn or agriculture to the next real estate developer. So green areas that once awarded food supply with high quality, price efficiency standards, now simply exchange for new design, build, and sell of high end design yet affordable market condominiums. This recalls the days where one might actually find a pineapple in Hawaii. Not any longer.

But consumption and a fastest growing middle class, mixed with tourism, opens the door of possibility. The population as consumers seek the brands that reflect their new lifestyle, and consumption for what they earn, for what they spend, and how they opt to spend it.

KEG is interested in Franchise Brokerage for those Franchise Brand or IP Owners, as we can facilitate and expedite growth and placements with the interest in an assignment of Franchise brand brokerage on a Country by Country basis, to include subdivision by region by region or state by state basis. If this is a match for your firm or enterprises, we are here for brand operators ~ looking specifically into area developer deals for franchise brands based in the USA but looking to expand internationally.

Kindly feel free to get in touch if it fits and a follow up would be in order.

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