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Supply Chains in Crisis

Licensed product manufacturers look at alternatives in the supply chain, but how are new laws impacting trade goods as both Exporters and Importers?

Supply chain transparency requires companies to know what is happening upstream in the supply chain and to communicate this knowledge both internally and externally.

Governments worldwide have drafted a raft of new laws pertaining to transparency. These include the policing of conflict minerals, forced labor, and food safety, sanctions, goods with dubious origins and more. Many of these laws leave company managers and directors directly liable for prosecution.

At the same time, more and more companies are looking at supply chains to better understand how they can reduce risk, find alternative sources for goods, open up new markets and better compete on an even-playing field.

How can brand owners or agents authorize, supervise and inherently look for continued product review, when new shifts and changes are implemented to maintain goods supply from alternate product part suppliers, meet order deliveries and still conform to adapt to new supply chain laws?

Is there room to find new customers, understand exact prices paid by existing buyers, while supply side or parts are slowed or stopped and whole leaps are made to alter goods delivery yet maintain order flow and delivery? How does one effectively find closer or better regions for manufacture or supply while keeping balanced on delivery of goods from the prior supplier?

Can new goods coming online bump for old goods, or what of old suppliers who then come back online?

How does the brand supply maintain integrity when new supply can help troubleshoot manufacturing or shipping route snags? #supplychains#brand#manufacturing#foodsafety#integrity#productuniformity

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